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Ladybirds Pre-School is a non-profit, committee run, community pre-school offering morning and afternoon sessions for children age 2 to school age.
Our daily routine includes a variety of activities which follow the Early Years Foundation stage framework taking into consideration each individual child’s preferences and needs.
We are always happy to meet prospective children and parents, to arrange a visit please call us on 01227 728 388

Ladybirds Pre-School has been running at its present location in the secure grounds of Littlebourne Primary School since 1992. We have provided pre-school education for hundreds of local children. Ladybirds Pre-School is an integral part of the community, and we work hard to strengthen links with other local organizations and facilities. We aim to offer a strong grounding for our children in preparing them for school and in developing their own identities.

Ladybirds Pre-School is a place where young children can develop naturally at their own pace and enjoy a rich and stimulating curriculum. Our program aims to enable children to develop through free and structured play and provides quality activities for them to do so. Our large airy buildings have lots of room for a variety of floor-based activities and messy play. We have cosy carpeted areas for reading and role play, purpose-designed tumbling mats for physical development, and linoleum flooring for messy activities. We also have a spacious outdoor play area with numerous toys for the children to enjoy.

At Ladybirds, we value our staff and pride ourselves in continuing to offer them opportunities to train for professional qualifications. We always offer staff to children ratio that is higher than the one required by the national guidelines. This ensures our children to have sufficient access to adult guidance with each activity and allows us to maintain the quality of education we feel our children deserve.


Give us a call:

01227 728 388

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